Ultra Running Mentoring Program

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The Ultra Running Mentoring Program is a program of the Road Warriors Corp. 501(c)3. It was established for the purpose of “mentoring” runners who were interested in training for their first Multi State or Trans State run and wanted the extra support and coaching they could get from experienced runners. Although the program focuses on new long distance runners, veteran runners are welcome too! There is a cost for participating in the Ultra Running Mentoring Program to cover travel costs and nutrition. Additionally, you have to commit to running a multi state or trans state route for a beneficiary and help fundraise in their benefit.

We welcome first-timers and will run with you, support and encourage you, and be available to answer any questions you may have. The only steps you need to take alone are the ones to get off the couch and out the door to rack miles and meet us on runs! One of the biggest challenges facing new runners is simply getting started. Coaches and mentors will be there to guide new runners, as well as to encourage and motivate returning runners. We will take you from ground zero to the finish line. You will not be left behind!

All aspects of running will be covered—from the type of clothing that works well, nutritional needs of runners, hydration, rest days, setting your pace, and stretching will be covered. If you call at (561) 880-7226 or email us at btsroadwarriors@gmail.com and provide an e-mail address, you will receive weekly Newsletters that will include stories and articles written to encourage and motivate you, and we will discuss the physical and “mental” part of training for your endurance adventure.

THE MENTORS: The Road Warriors have many enthusiastic, seasoned runners who will mentor you. They are nick-named the “Road Warriors,” because you can identify them because they are ALWAYS racking in road miles. The Mentors will run alongside you during most of your training runs and answer any questions you may have. Enjoy a great support group from the RW Mentor Team!

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