Sheldon Souza – The Aloha Cowboy


My name is Sheldon Souza. I’m 20 years old from Kauai, Hawaii. I grew up working on my dad’s ranch and had an interest in Bull Riding ever since I was a little boy. When I was little, my dad made a round pen in our back yard to ride sheep, and that’s where it all began. A few years later, I got the opportunity to jump on steers and moved up to bulls. I have been riding bulls for 6 years now. I moved my family, Joelle (wife) and daughter Montana Grace (15 months), from Hawaii, and recently reside in Challis Idaho to pursue my dream of being a professional Bull Rider from Hawaii.
We have been here for a year and have been blessed to have met the Heaps family. I currently work on a cattle ranch where my Boss, Jo Heaps, is a bucking bull stock contractor. When not working, we are bucking out bulls. This year I became a member of the Elite Proffesional Bullriders LLC and will be riding in Montana, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, and catching open rodeos around. I’m very honored to be partnering with Road Warriors Corp and riding to raise awareness for those battling cancer and all that comes with it. I’ve lost close friends and family to this horrible disease. I cannot say I know what’s it’s like to face cancer, I imagine like Bull Riding it’s very extreme and intense where faith and fear collide. We are riding on the edge of everything going wrong really quickly. Every time I slide down on my rope I have to have faith that God will carry me through and that I’ll see my family again after that ride is over. I feel we share the same strength, struggles & faith to be able to overcome and keep pushing forward and I just want to let people know who are struggling with this to know that we face the same ride together and it’s all about faith. It’s an honor for me to be riding for such a great cause and sharing the message of hope, faith, and love through it all.

-Your Aloha Cowboy