Shay Provenzano

My official name is David Shea Provenzano.Copy of Untitled design

August 29, 1977 – February 1, 2016

I can not put into words how touched I am by the Road Warriors generosity.  There are some days when I can barely move let alone run. I was captain of the track team in high school and was recruited way back when to MSU and UofM for football. I never ended up going because I knew its not what I wanted to do in life.

unnamed-1So right now I just have to watch my mom, my brother, girlfriend Kelly do exercise and stay fit. I look forward to the day when I can do something again.


I did want to share with you my story …

In January of 2013 (very cold in the garage) I was doing lunges and I found a massive bump protruding from my left hip. Come to find out, it was synovial sarcoma inside of my gluteus medius muscle. 5cm in diameter. My surgeon who is a sarcoma specialist said I was very lucky to have found it so quickly. It had not spread to my lungs as of yet.


Despite having the muscle completely removed, I’m still able to walk without rocking back and forth and I could at the time still deadlift and squat. Eventually, it moved to my lungs and I had to start chemo.

I did 6 rounds of chemo and my tumors were stable and it seemed like they were dead. It was an awesome summer.

In Sept 2014 I found out that my tumors in my lungs were growing again and it showed up in my hip just outside of the original site. During this time I was discussing options. They were scheduling me for chemo when I started to get stomach pain. I went to the ER and we discovered that it had spread to my pancreas. Not only that, but it had exploded. Growing almost 1 full cm a week. I was misdiagnosed as it being pancreatic cancer. I was told I had 2 to 3 months to live.


Luckily, it was my sarcoma. Though it is very very rare that it goes to the pancreas. Even my surgeon called me and said “this is not the path it takes.”

I did 4 more rounds of chemo … and then I started looking for trials. And now we are where we are today.

Again, thank you so much. I wont let it beat me. Even if its to my last breath.