THE HOPE RUN will take place on November 12th-13th, 2016 in which Michael is set to run 100 miles starting in Athens, GA and ending at the St. Francis Cancer Center in Greenville, SC. Michael has committed to completing the 100-mile run under the Road Warriors Corp. charity, which uses ultra-distance events as a platform to raise funds and awareness for local cancer patients. Michael will be running in honor of his father, Bernhard Michael, who passed away from cancer in 2012, and in honor of Manny Torres, a beloved friend and Greenville psychotherapist who battled cancer and passed away in 2015. Inspired by a friend who introduced him to running for the charity, Michael himself has inspired others with his transformation that led him from a sedentary lifestyle to running ultra-long distances in just a few months, morphing into an ultra-runner with a cause. Community supporters are invited to the Grand Finale celebration, which will take place at the St. Francis Cancer Center on Sunday, November 13th to welcome Michael as he completes THE HOPE RUN to benefit local cancer patients under the Road Warriors Corp. charity.

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