Patrick Farkas


Patrick Farkas

On May 7th, Patrick was transferred to Motts Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor, MI after another hospital found a growth on his right kidney. Within a few hours, we were told the news that our young son, who had already spent 2-weeks in the NICU for a staph infection at birth, who contracted whooping cough, at 7-months, has beat croup twice, and now at only 3-years old, was being diagnosed with cancer.

Over the next week, Patrick underwent surgery to remove his right kidney and the grapefruit size tumor that surrounded it. He met with numerous doctors that helped to develop his treatment plan that would include 19-weeks of chemo. Even as our world crashed around us, my baby stayed just as happy and sweet. This journey has not been easy on our family. Patrick requires around the clock care that keeps his dad home with him and is not able to work. We are so blessed that  friends, family and complete strangers are willing to step forward and help our family during this difficult time.

Money will be raised at Run Thru Hell 5k in Pinckney, MI this Fall.

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