Julie Green: Colon Cancer Survivor & Inspiration

In October of 2008 I was diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer. It was a life changing event that turned my world upside down.

I got through surgery and six months of treatment thanks to my family at home and at Okeeheelee Middle School, where I am the Library Media Specialist. Cancer made me a runner and I took great interest in Brian and his Road Warriors as they trained for their run from Florida to Michigan. I was incredibly honored and grateful when they decided to dedicate the run to colon cancer awareness and raising money for the Colon Cancer Alliance. I saw Brian as one of the strongest, most positive and caring people on this Earth. So when I found out in March of 2013 that Brian had a tumor in his stomach, I was shocked. Brian has cancer? No way!

I immediately went into action making sure he saw the best surgeon and oncologist. His diagnosis of stage 4 melanoma hit me hard. This amazing guy just ran across the country for cancer and now HE has cancer and is fight for his life. At one point Brian was given a few months to live. We all lifted him up the best we could and prayed for the beast inside him to awaken and keep him alive.

Well, that beast DID come alive with a vengeance and a mission.

Brian has responded to treatment, is doing well, and is back to where his adventure started: planning a run across the country to help cancer patients.  Paying it forward aren’t just words to Brian Thomas. It is his way of life!