How does my contribution help cancer patients?

How does my contribution help cancer patients?

After fundraising, we contact patients to see where they need assistance. We generally provide them with:


  • Physical/Medical Support via Our “RW Medical Records Binder” – to navigate their health care, provide local resources, organize their bills, and document received treatment
  • Nutritional Support – We’ve partnered with Meal Makers – to provide food as necessary
  • Emotional/Social/Spiritual Support – We love to establish personal relationships and allow patients to call us 24/7!
  • Financial Support – We help pay for medical and household bills

In the future, we plan to provide Outdoor Camps and Excursions to assist with,

  • Emotional/Social/Spiritual Support for Patients, Caregivers, and Cancer Widows
  • Survivorship Support via Warrior Survivorship Camp a camp/retreat during or after cancer treatment to educate on healthy practices such as nutrition, staying active, and keeping a happy, healthy mind!