The Crabill (Husband and Wife Duo)

FB_IMG_1470787803328The Crabill’s Run Hallucination 100 miler

The husband and wife duo, Brandon and Alex Crabill ran The Hallucination 100 miler at The Run Woodstock Race Series on Friday, September 9, 2016
in honor and to raise funds for our beneficiaries Patrick (Click here to read his story) and Landon (Click here to read his story)

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FB_IMG_1470456851624 FB_IMG_1470879647019Alex Crabill’s Bio (Wife)

In High School, my friends joined the track team, so I did as well.  The coach was also the cross country team’s coach and he was always asking me to join them, which I declined since I didn’t know anyone that ran cross country.  I realize now that I should have listened to him because I am a distance runner at heart!

When I am having a tough day, I know that if I lace up my running shoes and get outside, things will be better.  It helps me to think clearly, sort through the negative and look for the positive.  There is something about putting all those miles in that I just love.  On those days when I don’t want to go, when I think about how long I will be out there, all the miles that will be covered, it seems unrealistic and not anything I am capable of.  But then, I get out there and I take it one mile at a time, break down the run into mini goals and before I know it, the run is over and I feel a huge sense of accomplishment and pride in myself for getting out there and getting the run done.

For me, running is symbolic of the journey we call life.  It is a very individualized sport, but there are people all around me supporting me, encouraging me, and reminding me not to give up.  Two mantras that I say to myself when I feel like quitting are, “Give it to God” and “Trust the journey.”  Both of these remind me that I am not alone, and that I am ok; this goes for life and fitness alike.

I ran my first marathon with my brother in Walt Disney World.  For a long time, he and I discussed running a marathon, as we have been putting in the miles anyway.  At that time, it wasn’t so much running the actual race, it was the time I got to spend with my brother and the bond that is created between running partners.  The race and vacation was just a bonus.  Since then, I have run a few half marathons, marathons, and an ultra-marathon (in January, in Michigan…it was cold and icy).

In addition to running, I enjoy powerlifting and CrossFit and have competed in both.  All three of these sports require a mental toughness that only the individual participating can bring.  It’s either you finish the distance, you lift the weight, or you don’t and when it really comes down to it, no one can get you there except for yourself.

My two boys are my inspiration, I know that when they see me push through the things that many people feel are impossible, I am showing them that it is, in fact possible.  If mom can deadlift 300 + pounds and run really long distances, so can they.

I am not an amazing athlete by any means, I am just a mom that refuses to give up, loves to test my limits and then push past them and try for more.  This ultra seems like the logical next step in my journey and I am excited to see this goal all the way through to completion.

Brandon Arnold PicBrandon Crabill’s Bio (Husband)

My name is Brandon Crabill and I am graduate of Michigan State University.  Everything I’ve undertaken as of late goes back to a refusal to accept limitations imposed by others.  I began my push into running simply because I wanted to know if I could.  We are surrounded by amazing adventures and endeavors all around us, the question simply became, why not me?  In asking that question never did I imagine the depths and heights it would start to push me toward.  The best part in all of this is that in my mind the real fun stuff is just beginning. That in and of itself is why I am so excited to be joining in with The Road Warriors as the journey really starts to get interesting.

So how do I lay out a simple history of me?  Well, I am a strength athlete to begin with.  I’ve squatted over 800, benched 675, and deadlifted over 700 while in powerlifting gear with a top total of 2150 weighing 220lbs.  The cool part is that I also compete without gear and have squatted 650, benched 435, and deadlifted 655 with a raw total over 1700.  Did I mention that I also am able to be a runner and lift in that range?  See, that’s how this all started, you’re not supposed to be strong and be able to run.  But the question I always had was, well why?  Who is saying these are the rules?  The answer is both humorous and not entirely surprising, the why is that most people just have never tried it, the who, is people that know nothing about pairing the two and definitely have not had the backbone to try it.

That’s where this all truly began, an amazing strength coach by the name of Harry Selkow posed a challenge.  It was and is still aptly titled 666: The True Mark of The Beast.  Simply stated, you squat 600, deadlift 600, and run a sub 6-minute mile, all at the same time.  I came out of The XPC Finals in March 2014 having totaled 1880 at 184lbs.  I knew I was strong enough to do it, but I was not a runner by any stretch of the imagination.  I contacted Harry and began my work in April.  The first test, was of course, the mile and boy did it stink.  I ran an earth shattering 10:45.  I’ll spare you the tales of vomit, tears, frustration, and self-doubt and instead tell you this, I tried 2 times, once around July and missing the mile time by about 20 seconds and again later on in October when over a weekend I took it a step further.  I crushed a 601 squat, benched 424, pulled 655, all in a meet on Saturday.  Then Sunday I went and ran my first half marathon and finished it all up with a 5:52 mile.  From there I was hooked.

I went on to run an Ultra in the middle of a blizzard and freezing rain in January, competed in multiple meets, getting stronger all the while, and added numerous halves and marathon distances to my resume.  Now I find myself pushing the extremes of both distance and strength.  I believe in the super human because I intend to continue to make myself do just that.  Refuse the limitations, keep fighting, and know that there is hope beyond what any of us would have ever believed.  Never give in and never give up, we all have power beyond imagination, it’s just letting yourself believe it and harnessing it.