Preparing for your Trip

Hello Friends! I’m very excited about our upcoming trip to Shenandoah, and want to make sure to transit very important details to help you prepare.

Last Lunch on XXX is your responsibility. Meals start XXX morning, with coffee/tea service and breakfast. So please make sure to bring or eat a nourishing meal for yourself XXX night.

Black Bears are likely to be active in Shenandoah this time of year. I will have prepared us for and will go over all bear ­camping protocols at the beginning of our trip. In the meantime, it’s very important for everybody to start thinking like a bear­ anything that is even remotely scented like food, from chewing gum to cologne to celery, needs to be OUT OF YOUR PERSONAL VEHICLES. This means vitamins, empty grocery bags, empty bottles, chapstick, etc. We recommend that you vacuum out your car if you think there may be scented stuff on the floor or under the seats.


Please fill out and send forms no later than Febuary 20th, 2016

Directions to the trailhead. You can also Google directions to “***” from any location.

A Waiver

A Health Form

Safety and Health Information

It is important to note that all outdoor experiences involve inherent risks and dangers. To make sure you understand these risks completely, and for more information, please read completely and sign the attached Waiver.

If you are currently taking any prescription (or self ­prescribed) medication(s), DO NOT DISCONTINUE taking them for this experience. The backcountry is not a safe or appropriate place to experiment with substance withdrawal and doing so would not only endanger your life but also the lives and experiences of the other participants. If you have questions about this please check with your doctor and email or call us to discuss. Exceptions: cigarettes can be left behind and marijuana must be left behind.

In preparation for this hike we recommend that you hike, or use a stair climber, with a weighted backpack. Often people experience some knee pain hiking downhill, especially when carrying more than usual. If you are prone to knee pain, or even if you’re not, we recommend using hiking poles, wearing a knee brace, and/or doing some training in advance.

Have you ever experienced health issues related to sun exposure and heat, such as heat exhaustion, sunstroke, severe dehydration, fainting or other? Please let us know your history with heat/exertion related illnesses by either responding to this email or including an explanation of this on your health form.

Important Logistical Information and Communication Protocols

Communication immediately preceding our meet up ­

The guide will be departing the very early *** morning and may not have cell service most of the day prior to your meetup. Please ask any questions and voice any concerns as soon as possible. Don’t wait until the day of to ask about carpooling, gear, directions, etc.

Meeting Spot – Everyone will meet at the ****. Please see the attached directions. If you’re coming from somewhere other than the Area you can google directions to the “***” and should be able to find very accurate directions.

Arrival time – Please plan to arrive at the meeting point between 5­10pm on *****.

Arrival part B ­ If you are flying in to join this journey please email your flight itinerary to

Departure time – We plan to conclude our time together on S*** between 2pm­6pm. To be safe I highly recommend that long drives and flights be scheduled for the next day.

When you get on the road please text Lety or Brian on our cell phones to let us know what time you departed and to confirm that you have all carpool members with you. Our cell phone number is 561 502 1464 or 561 880 7226. Please remember to do this so that we may be adequately informed and plan accordingly.

Staff For This Trip

Your Instructor and Guide for this journey is Brian Thomas.

Your Assistant and Chef for this trip is Lety Gonzalez.

Do Not Bring 

Please DO NOT bring any of the following items into the wilderness.

You are welcome to bring these for the drive, but we request that you leave these items, especially cell phones, in the car. 

Electronic devices of any kind, including iPods, iPads, Kindles, laptops, etc.

Illicit narcotics

Alcohol is permitted in reasonable quantities though not for drivers of carpools on entry and exit days (when driver will be getting behind the wheel with other lives in their hands).