Road Warrior Running Retreat (RWR2)

Road Warrior Running Retreat (RWR²)

March 20-25, 2016

What is RWR²?

If you’re looking to top up your training, pick up new tips or simply experience running on the mountains whilst meeting new friends our training week has been designed to make this simple and enjoyable. This Retreat is intended for trail, ultra, and/or mountain runners, and will be focused on exploring the environment. Participants will have the opportunity to run through dense forest, along the trails, and high up on alpine ridges overlooking valleys and mountains as far as the eye can see. Much of this running will be very slow, hiking up the steeper trails into the mountains, and running leisurely along ridgelines. We will be doing about 120 miles of running in the 5 days, and participants will always have the option of taking days off, or running shorter runs.

What does the RWR² include?

Food: 2-3 meals per day will be provided and prepared from scratch using least processed ingredients

Lodging: We will be staying on campgrounds/sites within tents

Transportation: You will be required to meet at designated location exact location to be determined

Guidance: Host have extensive knowledge of surrounding areas and collective experience in backcountry hiking and ultra running

Fees and Entry

The fee RWR² is $650

  • 5 days/6 nights with the opportunity to run the backcountry/mountain trails
  • All meals beginning with dinner on the first day through breakfast on the last day of RWR²
  • Massage, yoga and stretching available

Limited to 6 people

$100 Deposit

    • 50% refundable by January 20th, 2016
    • Full payment due February 20th, 2016