Brian Thomas

Brian Thomas has been a runner all his life…

and became an educator to influence the lives of children. He has ran marathons, ultra marathons, ran from Michigan to Florida in 2002 to raise funds for a private school for children with Cerebral Palsy and autism, and has continued to run across the country since.

He never thought his influence would lead to the next big adventure but he was asked to mentor and train two young men. He committed himself to that task for many years, training them to run across the country in 2013.

Shortly after the 2013 charity run Brian Thomas was diagnosed with Stage IV Melanoma and at one point was even told he had only a few months to live. But that hasn’t stopped him from helping others through his passion of running!

He has been a teacher for the last 15+ years. Is one of the founders of a boys mentoring program, The Bridge. He has also been the boys track and field coach. A recent recipient of the Dwyer Award, an award recognizing teachers in Palm Beach County that dedicate their time and energy outside of the class room.

“I am here to take that dedication to the fullest extent and to show our state, the country, and the world that there are living and breathing super heroes!” – BT

“I never thought my influence would lead to the next big adventure… I have committed myself to that task for many years.”