Brandon Mercado

My name is Brandon Mercado; I graduated from Spanish River Community High School. I started running my eighth grade year @ Okeeheelee Middle School where I met Brian Thomas and my best friend Ramiro Melendez. That is where my love for running first began.

While going through a personal rough time in my eighth grade year I was asked by Brian Thomas to come and try out for the track team. Once I started running I fell in love with it. Running allowed me to feel free and has been a huge positive outlet in my life. During this track season I began to grow a bond with Brian Thomas and found out that he had previously run across the country for charity. This inspired me to want to do the same thing.

Once Brian agreed to train myself and my best friend Ramiro we started a Non-Profit called the Road Warriors.  In 2012, this dream became a reality and we ran from West Palm Beach, FL to Lake Orion, MI with a group of four other gentleman relay style.  Together we raised $10,000.00 for Colon Cancer.

Since running across the country I got my Personal Training Certification and have started my own business “Heart and Sole Fitness”.  I love helping other people, especially when they are in need.  I am extremely passionate about fitness and running and enjoy spreading the knowledge that I have, as well as learning from others.

In 2013, when Brian Thomas was diagnosed with Stage IV Melanoma and at one point was even told he had only a few months to live.  In my mind this was not only my mentor but a true friend.  This also made me realize how severe Cancer really is, and how many people suffer from it.  There was a point where Brian was not doing very well and most thought the end was near.  As time passed Brian became stronger, his tumors started to shrink; he looked healthier, and even began running again.  This inspired me to run from West Palm Beach, FL to Lake Orion, MI in 2015 while Brian ran from Florida to Washington DC.  This time we raised $73,000 for all Cancer patients who suffer and are living with this disease and who are struggling financially because of Cancer.