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Mission: To raise funds and awareness for the difficulties associated with receiving proper cancer care.

Values & Beliefs:

  • If you or a loved one just got diagnosed with cancer you should not feel alone during this most vulnerable time of need.
  • The community should come together to support your healing tangibly or intangibly.


  • Help relief funds for cancer treatments
  • Guide and counsel those diagnosed with cancer and their caregivers in their process of healing
  • Help reduce the stress of our beneficiaries and their caregivers
  • Create or become our beneficiaries’ supportive community
  • Invigorate our beneficiaries’ fight against cancer

This webpage is designed to relay a multitude of activities and information. The Road Warriors Corp is a reincarnation of The Run For Cerebral Palsy: Breaking Point, a charity run from Michigan to Florida, that Brian did when he finished college in 2002. The Road Warriors Corp’s main function is to raise funding and awareness for those living with and surviving cancer. But this time is different for Brian. His former track athlete and student Brandon Mercado asked him to teach him how to run utlra-long distances and across the country. into the ocean at St. Augustine, Florida

The Road Warriors Corp website is also one of several ways in which the Road Warriors will be able to document the adventure of running across the country as well as taking part in, what we hope to be, many fundraising events along the way.

The Road Warriors Corp website will be where you can become part of the adventure in a number of ways. Navigate through the site and become a part of this grand adventure in one way or another. And remember, there are heroes out there they just look like normal people, like the Road Warriors.